Thursday, 15 August 2013

MozPOwer & MozMagnum Aug'13

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

 - Mother Teresa

MozMAgnum and MOzPOwer Punjab, Aug,2013


To help people aware about the products we have with us and at the same time help them understand how to contribute by joining our hands.

1: Spread Awareness
2: Recruit FSAs.

About :   

"Helping people know about the technology and helping them get involve is what we set as priority. "

MozMagnum and MozPunjab runs on the same thought and always brings productive contributors to us.
It was a three day event covering all aspect starting with:

1: Introduction (Mozilla, Products, Projects, Vision and Mission)
2: Glimpses to Firefox Operating System (OS) by using awesome geeksphone.
3: Talk about WebFWD, Webmaker, Popcorn, Firefox Student Ambassador(FSA).
4: Quiz followed by One to one Interaction.
5: Selecting contributors.

Day: MozPower & MozMAgnum
Venue: Rayat Bahra Group of Institution, Punjab.
Crowd: 400+
Team: Anup Kumar Mishra, Ajay Singhi, Ankit Mishra

Time: 0900hrs to 1800 hrs

Agenda: The whole agenda was segregated into different stages,

  1. Session 1:  
  • Introduction to Mozilla & Products. 
  • Mission
  • Products & Projects
  • Introduction to Bugzilla, Thunderbird
  •  FireFox OS

  •  Session 2 :  
           1) Thimble
            2) Popcorn Maker
            3) X-Ray goggles
This session started with Hacking the college website in-front of the crowd and they were thrilled by the concept. It brought a lot of queries from the crowd and the interest was worth noticing. Apart from this here we gave them example of how to create cool popcorn videos and showed them the magic of the same by creating a quick video over there. 
Glimpses of Mozilla Summit Video by AjaY Singhi has also been showed to them which helped us build a platform to talk about Mozilla Summmit and cool MozCamps.

  • Session 3: MozQuiz: 
         Two sections (Technical Ojective & Subjective)
            Time: 30 mins 
             Objective: To filter out crowd on the basis of technical knowledge and hence we       followed the process with interviews so that we get best tech savvy as well as good leaders in our  community. 

  • Session4: WebFWD  & Webmaker : Being a proud WebFWD Scout, Anup took the opportunity to encourage students to participate in our WebFwd program. He also explained students about our 3 months hands on accelerator program throughout the globe to participate and make the web better and open place.

Session 5: FSA

 The beauty of the program is that it motivates both technical as well as non-technical contributors to come together and help build the Mozilla family strong. I took this opportunity to help understand the FSA programme its complete fall about how it goes and how we work on this. We also motivated the students to took part in large number so that we can find out best amongst the pool for this programm and the result was marvelous which helped us select near about 30 FSA from the campus.

We conducted the quiz and evaluated the answer sheets on our own . There after we selected top three scorers and awarded them with beautiful Swags. Here after we went for the interview round and finalised a bunch of awesome Student Ambassadors . 
The final call was to take cool pictures ao that we commemorate the memories and cheer it always.

Superb Swags were shared to all the participants so as to encourage their participation and help them tuned throughout the session.

                             "When you put your heart and soul in an effort it brings you green results!!"
The day went well and the memories are worth remembering. 
 Thanks to all who are directly and indirectly involved in making our effort a huge success.
Thanks to Mozilla for the wonderful SWAGs and products which keeps on motivating people to work in front.
Future Plan: Organize a Webmaker and Popcorn Event in Bombay. 
Cheers !!

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