Saturday, 26 May 2012

"Mozilla Summer Camp"

"Knowledge increases when one starts sharing it with needy". Mozilla started a very appreciable step to organize Summer party this season. Idea behind this is to help creating innovative pages on web and at the same time giving opportunities to coding aficionados.
Basic idea of this event is to learn coding hand to hand by simple procedure of sharing your intelligence and skills.Apart from this there is nice opportunity to meet highly qualified coding and web lovers and grasp something valuable in real time.

About Summer Camp:

Calendar :

The party will start with a "Global coding Weekend" June 23 & 24. After this the process will continue with local events and teach-ins all summer. These local events will be useful in spreading valuable information about Mozilla to non-Mozilla users and other people who are not aware of Mozilla Firefox enabling us to create more and more users in simple steps.

Getting Involved :
Getting involved is also a very quick and easy step one can undergo . Below is the link for the same :

People interested are required to get involved in large numbers and help each other to nurture your coding excellence and at the same time make Mozilla proud of their Team .

ankit mishra
ReMo India

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